Artist Development

Gone are the days of being discovered on your own. It is now a DIY world. Every artist must know who they are and essentially be their own record label. The only way to create lasting success is to take risks. Our team has the tools and experience to help you strengthen your mind, develop your sound, and guide you on your journey. After some soul searching and proven strategies, together we will be able to create a rock-solid plan. We know what it takes to turn your emotions into art and give you the confidence and professionalism to do so.


TE Music Group is well positioned and experienced to enhance your career as a songwriter. Our team of Songwriters have the knowledge and creativity to enhance your collaboration experience. We believe in staying true to the artists vision and always remain open-minded and receptive to new ideas, while providing you with use of our full-service recording studio. In addition, we maintain strong relationships with many industry professionals, maximizing your potential for new opportunities and success.


We have a team of professional graphic designers, web designers, and social media analysts to help control your online presence. We will work with you to analyze your music project and discuss your online marketing options. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are some of our specialties. We will also Distribute press releases, media content (tracks, videos, shows etc. ) to our growing professional music database.